The Golden Rule strives to create a safe, loving, comfortable, and fun environment that promotes creativity, self esteem, and problem solving. The daycare fosters the idea of intrinsic motivation. I have created my home to be a place to wind down after school and offer just the right amount of stimulation and relaxation for your child. The program has a holistic approach that caters to the needs of the whole child.

Your child sees the same caregivers each day, ensuring a feeling of safety and security while away from home. The home daycare is warm, nurturing, and ensures that everyone is accepted and valued. The thoughts, culture, and language of each individual child are accepted, in the daycare’s multi-cultural approach that encourages and respects diversity. This allows your children to feel comfortable and explore and play freely.

Emergent curriculum and teachable moments are used to further foster and cultivate learning according to the children’s interests. At the daycare, small bits of verbal encouragement and help are given to a child during to further their growth and learning process, known as scaffolding. The kids can explore any activity at their own pace as in the Montessori method, and the daycare offers a “saving shelf”, for projects that children may want to return to another day. The older children are often seen helping the younger kids do things that they could not do on their own, which is called increasing the zone of proximal development.

Respect and conservation of the natural environment and resources are taught and encouraged and in turn promote the respect of each other and our differences. When children experience nature and realize its benefits, they are much more apt to want to preserve it.
The goal of the program is to keep the children safe emotionally as well as physically. As caregivers we find the underlying need of the child and help them find an acceptable way to express that need. I help the children learn how to recognize and express all of their feelings in a healthy way and to learn the difference between emotion and behavior. Every feeling is validated and heard and the child is always engaged in a dialogue when ready. This is a child empowering technique versus solving the problem for them.

The Golden Rule follows the early childhood idea that gentleness breeds gentleness. The program teaches peaceful and constructive ways to respond to and solve conflicts.

Pacific Oaks Research Center in Pasadena California did a study on home based care programs. The study concluded that there was less waiting time, more care and education due to less crowd control, a better developed sense of time versus large centers, and the children in homelike programs exhibited a greater variety of healthy behaviors.

Star Program
I created the 100 star program to encourage the children to help each other, feel confident for fulfilling tasks, reflect on their current issues, and to encourage curiosity. Star stickers are given for journaling and for helping others and any other recognized positive behavior.

Each time 100 stars have been collected, I will arrange a Star Party on a Saturday night. The parents are also rewarded with an evening out with their children in safe quality care.