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Fun Friday Fieldtrip to Oceanview Park

Every Friday the Golden Rule travels to a local activity.  Here we are at Ocean View Park, enjoying the awesomely fast slides, unique climbing structure, and great views of the Beach Boardwalk.


Myrtle the Turtle!

We needed a daycare pet, and Lado wasn’t ready for the responsibility of a puppy, and a cat didn’t feel right either.  After some thinking and looking around we welcomed Myrtle the Turtle (she is actually a tortoise and might be a he???).  She is now part of our Golden Rule family.  She eats all veggies, and it is fun to watch her stretch her long neck out to eat.  You might even be lucky enough to see her going “wild” climbing on top of her log and sliding down.  She could live up to 100 years, so I might be looking for adoptive parents in the future…


Visit from Brenna from the SPCA of Santa Cruz

Thank you Brenna, for coming over and teaching us about pet care.  The kids enjoyed answering her questions on how to care for pets, and telling everyone about their pets at home.  We are all excited for her to come back and bring Lupita, the education dog!


Learning How To Use Chopsticks

I put out a bunch of pairs of chopsticks and almonds and some basic instructions.  The kids took right to it and were using the chopsticks like pros!  I kept adding healthy foods as the kids munched them up. It was a great way to get some of the picky eaters to eat.  A very fun rainy day activity.


Music with Marilyn

Cindy (the most wonderful assistant ever), had her friend an ex-fourth grade music teacher come to do music with the kids.  They jammed on different instruments and danced all around the house!  Thank you Marilyn, we had a blast!