Visit to the Natural History Museum and Whale

We all enjoyed learning hands on about life now and long ago in Santa Cruz.  The kids pretended to be Ohlone Indians, touched sea creatures that live in local oceans, and got to see bees in a real hive, and much more.  The museum is the perfect size for little ones and offers just the right amount of information.  We ended the visit climbing our favorite whale that we named “Whaleina”.


We love butterflies

The kids were preparing for our field trip to see the monarchs at Natural Bridges the next day.  They had butterflies face painted on them, and created this humongous butterfly out of tinker toys together.


Natural Bridges Monarch Fieldtrip

What a great moment caught on film! All the kids laying down and silently watching the butterflies in awe, with no prior instruction.  The beautiful sunny day was perfect, and hundreds of monarchs flew above us in the eucalyptus trees.  We could have stayed all day…


Highland Park

Another Fun Friday adventure to Highland Park.  The kids loved climbing to the tippy top of the rope structure.


Felton Farmer’s Market Fieldtrip

What a beautiful  sunny day at the farmer’s market.  We all brought bags from home and had a great time tasting and learning about fresh, local, and organic fruits and veggies.  The rainbow snow cones weren’t bad either.