About Me

My name is Lado, and I have provided quality long term childcare for local families for over 12 years. I began my work as a pre-school teacher and then as a nanny for school aged children. I have been lucky to have been extensively taught by some of the best Early Childhood Education professionals at Cabrillo College. I also have an Environmental Studies degree from San Jose State University, am trained in health and safety, and have my CPR/First Aid certification. I interconnect respect and love for nature into my program and curriculum. I have always had a love for children and am happy to continue that into my career as the primary caregiver in my home day care.

I know that any one who works with children must be physically and emotionally available to the children in their care. That is why I take pride in caring for myself and my health so that I can offer my best self to children and their families. You will often see me out walking or enjoying one of our beautiful local beaches. Children imitate adults, so I am aware of the habits, language, and lifestyle that I portray to your children. I sit and eat with the kids and model eating healthy foods everyday. A positive work attitude is learned early on, so I make sure that the kids see this at clean up times etc. I use humor with the kids, as I have found it to be a great enjoyment in my life. I model curiosity as I engage children to learn with me while cooking a new recipe or figuring out how to put something together. At the Golden Rule Daycare, I take my role as nurturer, facilitator, and guider to the utmost importance.

I also have experience working with families of every kind and keep open lines of communication. Feel free to contact me about any concern or question you may have about your child and their care. You can trust that everything I discuss with parents is kept confidential, and helps me to care for your child to my best ability. I am also open to doing on going conferences to communicate and update on a child and their specific needs.