About Golden Rule

The Golden Rule offers a balance of environments. The three main play rooms are linked but are sectioned to create quiet and noisy areas, and areas for cooperative and solitary play. There are also two outside areas, the front courtyard and the sunny backyard with a lawn and our organic garden.

At The Golden Rule there is an extensive variety of activities and sensory experiences that children can choose from, also referred to as an integrated curriculum. Activities foster growth in all areas of development; social, physical, cognitive, and emotional. Materials are placed at the children’s reach so that they have freedom to access materials on their own. New materials are incorporated according to the children’s interests and special occasions such as seasonal or holiday times. Previous materials also remain in the daycare so that children may explore them at deep levels. All activities foster growth in gross and fine motor skills. Scheduled outings to state parks, beaches, etc. will occur to further allow the children to explore nature and their world.

  • Math: Many cooperative and solitary games that involve number development and concepts of time and space. Cooking and baking projects further mathematical thinking.
  • Science: Every day explorations indoor and outdoor can become science lessons with an experienced guider asking the right questions and providing materials if needed. At the Golden Rule there are many books to look up questions with a child, as well as tools such as binoculars, magnifying glasses, rulers, and paper to record findings. Water, sand, play dough, among other open-ended materials are often out for the kids. These are provided so a child can explore, observe, reflect, and describe, as scientists do.
  • Art: Multitudes of arts and crafts materials are always available for use. Art activities are open-ended, so that children can determine their own process and product. Art is offered each day and all day as it is an important form of communication for young ones who may not have the words or ability to express all of their emotions and ideas.
  • Music: A wide variety of musical instruments are available for the children to use. We often sing and dance together or jam with music on our cd player to encourage creative movement.
  • Reading and Language: The Golden Rule is a print rich environment. There is a dedicated reading area with a beautiful mural, for anyone to relax with a book or be read to. Spanish books and labels are also incorporated into the daycare. Language is also fostered through dramatic play with puppets and dress up.
  • Outdoors: There are two outdoor play areas with sports equipment and space to play alone or together. Outside time is provided each day to encourage healthy appetites, and gross motor skills. The back yard has our seasonal organic garden that the children help grow. It furthers learning about food, where it comes from, and healthy choices for our Earth and body.